CTATCA Eski Başkanı&Havacılık Tarihi Yazarı - İzzet DERKAN

CTATCA Eski Başkanı&Havacılık Tarihi Yazarı - İzzet DERKAN

Havacılık Gündem Özel


30 Haziran 2020 - 19:09

Countries in the world are still under the influence of covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 pademic  is still incrising in India. Number of cases surge to more than 500,000 in India.more than 15,000 people are known to have died in India. Due to the pandemic very bad days are still waiting India.  Especially the poverty of this country will increase the deaths.

Overseas of Travel
After lockdown, businesses will welcome progress on travel corridors. UK quarantine restrictions to be eased from 6 July. UK to open up European holidays from 6 July. In UK full list of ‘’travel corridors’’ to be published during the following week.

Portugal and Sweden expected to be excluded from rule relaxation in UK. Turkey also expected to be listed as exempted countries.

Countries which will not need to self-isolate are; France, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Turkey and Finland. Due to new cases rising in Lisbon Portugal will not be included for lifting restrictions.

Restrictions for these countries are expected to be lifted in early July. Exempt countries expected to include France and Spain. Some countries to be exempt from quarantine rules.

In some countries there are Covid-19 second wave. Reflections of the second wave are seen in Brezilia, India,USA, France , Italy, and Germany. Especailly in Germany after the lockdown lifting cases are increased. This shows that the effect of covid-19 is still ongoing. We should take our precaution safely until the Covid19 vaccine is found.

In Air Transportation Rules
Mask must be worn in flight, if possible, airlines should leave the middle seats unoccupied in flight, the patient must cancel the passenger flight, or if the patient must tell the officer for the safety of other passengers.

Some Covid-19 measures that can be taken at airports;
Pandemic room should be created especially in airports,
Pandemic expert staff should always be at the airports,
Rooms for PCR tests should be created at airports,
Social distance rules should be followed at airports,
Regular cleaning should be done at airports,
Temperature meter applications should be done on the passengers at the airport,
In case of doubt, the expert team should be informed immediately by passengers.

Finally , for our own safety and the health safety of other passengers health measures taken by governments must be followed. In our own sense of responsibility, we should help everyone in need of assistance when it is necessary.

As people of the world, we will be successful if we work together against the disease, because we are strong together.

We should continue this association until the covid-19 vaccine is released.
Sincerely Yours
İzzet  Derkan
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